A holistic approach to Life + Wellness Coaching for those ready to explore their value and be empowered to live out their purpose.

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Deep down, you know you are designed with incredible value, unique strengths, and the potential to feel alive and fulfilled in every area of your life.

But right now you feel stuck, discouraged, disconnected, and unsure where to start.

You are capable of experiencing so much more. 

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Rising confidence and personal growth. 

A healthy relationship with yourself and others

Maximizing your strengths to live out your purpose.

A more integrated self in your body, soul and spirit

Feeling fulfilled and thriving in every area of life

You're in the right place.

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Hey there,I'm Amy!

I believe we are often plagued with the “should’s” in life. I should be able to figure this out. I should be further along. I should be able to have healthy relationships at work, with my family, with my body. We feel guilty or ashamed that we haven’t been able to see change or growth while trying to do it on our own. 


I help people make discoveries about who they truly are and how to thrive in life and relationships.

I also believe that every individual deserves to be seen, heard, and valued in an authentic way. I believe every person has the capacity to grow, learn, become self-aware, feel more connected and experience wholeness. This vital connection happens through coaching. 

We feel that we have let ourselves down or we are a disappointment to those around us.

If this resonates with you, I'm so glad you're here!




Perhaps you are a college student, working professional, single parent, team member or empty nester starting a new chapter. Regardless of what season of life you are in or what role you play, you are motivated to make a change.

Individual coaching creates a safe, inviting space to dialogue, dig deeper, and discover things about yourself and be empowered in your next steps of growth.


Specifically designed for the adult woman who knows you want to see personal growth and traction but you aren’t motivated to do it alone.

You’re ready to experience the benefits of coaching along with connection, community and mutuality as we explore a specific topic, book or curriculum within a small group setting.


Designed for a corporation, business or community that knows you want a healthy culture made up of individuals that bring something unique and valuable to the table. But creating this healthy culture takes intentionality and ownership.

You need the benefit of a Wellness Workshop to bring greater value to the team, holistic wellness, and stronger relational connections

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tell me more

"I found life coaching a really interesting tool for me the last couple of months. I have gone through a couple different forms of therapy which are similar but not quite what I experienced with life coaching. There was a sense that a lot of it came from me even though Amy was guiding me to find these answers I had within myself and encouraged me to ask questions I have been uncomfortable asking myself alone, yet somehow felt comfortable sharing with her.

The space Amy provided was extremely safe and secure which I truly appreciated. I never felt like I was being lectured or forced into changing certain things in my life. There was a sense of control I had in the setting that felt welcomed by Amy which helped me open up more than I was expecting to. I learned a great deal about myself and values I need to hold close to myself which I have Amy to thank for."

- Laurel Ivory

Professional women's soccer player for OL Reign

I entered Amy's Wellness Revelation study full of hesitancy. I was wary to hope for long lasthing change after so many diet/exercise fails in the past. But even after taking one workout class with Amy, I was convinced God was moving through Revelation Wellness in a way I hadn't experienced before.

Only 2 weeks into the study, all my doubts were thrown out the window as the Truth-filled content started to break down lies I believed in my health. God met me in a space of my life that He cares about greatly - my body. An area I am easily defeated by and quickly brush off as something God doesn't want to focus on... only to realize, He cares about my physical health even more than I do. i entered these 8 weeks motivated by fear, and left motivated by Love - the only true source of strength that will keep me living in long lasting freedom.

- Careleigh, age 23

Throughout my time with Amy, she taught me many valuable tools that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. She is a great listener, encourager, and always came well prepared for our sessions.

Before our sessions, I often felt discouraged and unsure of how to make positive changes in my life. However, while meeting with Amy, she challenged me to create a clear picture in my mind of how I see my life by asking meaningful and clear questions.

I am positive that the tools I learned from Amy will help me in the short and long term of my life..

- Marley Canales

It’s time to discover the True You and be empowered to thrive.

You won’t truly know the value and power of coaching until you start! It is a worthy investment into yourself that will have a ripple effect in every area of your life and relationships.

I am ready