Wellness workshops bring a fresh perspective to your organization. They create opportunities for growth and self-awareness for your team members, build stronger connections, and ultimately, provide greater value to your organization as a whole.

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Wellness Workshops are an ideal way to equip, empower, and inspire action in your employees or team members.  

it's the match that ignites motivation and sparks new perspectives for better wellness

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When the various parts thrive, the whole flourishes! This principle is true not only for the individual parts of who we are as people in body, soul, and spirit but also in a larger context of a team, organization or community. Hosting a Wellness Workshop is an opportunity to bring sustainable health and wellness to your team through one of my “core” or customized workshop presentations, dialogue, practical coaching tools, and takeaways that can benefit every area of life and relationships.

Healthy, integrated individuals add so much value to the team and create a ripple effect in their organization, community and family.

My Wellness Workshops are ideal for a group of people, whether it is a corporation, school or community that share a common goal or relationship.

No matter what type of organization, team or community you represent, the overall health and success of the whole is due in large part to the investment made into the wellness of individuals who serve, work, and build the organization every day.

I can offer a “core” wellness workshop or we can work together to create a customized wellness workshop that your group will benefit from.

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Building sustainable wellness habits for a lifetime

Common roadblocks to wellness

How to improve work/life balance

Clarifying values

Healthy boundaries

ready to improve the wellness of every individual in your organization?

some of my core wellness workshops cover topics such as:

Discovering your wellness "WHY"

Uncovering limiting beliefs and discovering newfound agency

How to better understand yourself and what motivates you to move forward and get unstuck either personally or professionally

My passion is to help people make discoveries about their value and purpose so they can thrive in their lives, career, and relationships.

"A true honor to have the extremely gifted Amy Benthin as our special guest speaker @microsoft this past week speaking on how "Wellness is NOT a reward for a job well done" - as always, blown away by Amy's incredible presence and wisdom. Deepest respect for her - she is someone whose life and coaching is worth modeling after! I will be using her tips myself to ensure I'm taking my wellness to the next level ✨🙌"

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For individuals seeking customized, one on one attention to reach goals, discover purpose and identity,and unlock growth potential.

For those who prefer to be a part of a community, experiencing group dynamics, mutuality, and accountability, while also experiencing the benefits of life and wellness coaching


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