The Wellness  Revelation

This is for you if you are seeking personal growth and traction in your health and wellness but you aren’t motivated to do it alone. You want to experience the benefits of group coaching with other women in connection, community, and mutuality as we learn together in a supportive environment.

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I'm passionate about partnering with people and having a front row seat to those aha moments in their life!

"Last year's Wellness Revelation study was truly foundational for me. I tell everyone I can about the study and all the resources they have because it's been so transformational for me! Thank you for bringing it to my life."

- Carleigh, age 23

as we cover topics such as:

The "obsess/neglect" cycle

Original purpose and unique design

How to develop better health and well-being in body, soul, and spirit

The art of sufficiency

The importance of rest and renewing your mindset

Body movement complete with an exercise calendar, videos & tutorials on proper body mechanics

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I entered Amy’s Wellness Revelation study full of hesitancy. I was wary to hope for long lasting change after so many diet/exercise fails in the past. But even after taking one workout class with Amy, I was convinced God was moving through Revelation Wellness in a way I hadn’t experienced before. Only 2 weeks into the study, all my doubts were thrown out the window as the Truth-filled content started to break down lies I believed in my health. God met me in a space of my life that He cares about greatly - my body. An area I am easily defeated by and quickly brush off as something God doesn’t want to focus on… only to realize, He cares about my physical health even more than I do. I entered these 8 weeks motivated by fear, and left motivated by Love - the only true source of strength that will keep me living in long lasting freedom.

- Carleigh, age 23

I was wary to hope for long lasting change after so many fails in the past. But after only one class with Amy, I was convinced God was moving in a way I hadn't experienced before."

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An 8 week group study of the Wellness Revelation®

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Individual goal-setting and coaching session 

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Mutual encouragement and accountability alongside other women

$350 per person

Personal growth goal check-in's

Your own copy of The Wellness Revelation book

Accompanying resources like video teaching, hand-outs & social media graphics to further learning

As a Certified Revelation Wellness Instructor, I am offering:

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I truly believe we are designed for growth. In over 20 years of working with people, I have found time and time again that the most sustainable growth takes place when someone experiences a safe space to connect, be honest, take risks, and seek wisdom.

Hi, I'm Amy

Certified life and wellness coach

Life & Wellness Coaching creates the perfect environment for you to grow and finally make the changes you've been longing for.





For individuals seeking customized, one on one attention to reach goals, discover purpose and identity,and unlock growth potential.

For organizations seeking to add value to their employees or team members, while strengthening the workplace culture and prioritizing wholeness individually and corporately.

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